Unique Japanese Hotels

unique hotels Japan

The countries love of anime, quirkiness, technology, color and fashion makes for a pretty interesting concoction of hotel accommodation. From one person pods to robot receptionists, Japanese hotels have an awful lot going for them on the ‘unique’ scale. Here is a rundown of just a few of the most amazingly unique hotels that you will only find in Japan.

Nine Hours, Kyoto: This hotel is minimalist to the max! This is pod sleeping in the most Sci-Fi way possible, it is extremely clean, modern and futuristic. If you are looking for luxury and grandeur, None hours isn’t the place for you, its whole concept is based on only needing to be there for as little time as possible to get a full night’s sleep (although don’t worry they don’t enforce a 9 hour rule and you can stay up to 17 hours if you wanted to!). It does have some extra frills however, in your pod you will find that you are lulled to sleep by an integrated sound system and you can set the pod to awaken you with lights that mimic natural sunlight. Found at 588 Teianmaeno-cho, Shijyo, Teramachi-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, 600-8031 Japan, the rates are Nine hours are around 5000 yen for one night in a sleep pod. Extra facilities such as lockers and showers come at an additional cost.

Keio Plaza, Tokyo: Keio Plaza dedicates itself to Japanese culture hosting many cultural events throughout the year. Its rooms are also saturated in Japanese culture even offering up not one but two Hello Kitty themed rooms, one for Princess Kitty and the other dedicated to Hello Kitty’s day out in Tokyo with her friends. So if you are a lover of Kitsch, then these rooms should certainly be on your accommodation wish list! It seamlessly integrates the functionality you would expect of a Japanese run service with comfort and a touch of luxury. Located at 160-8330Shinjuku2-2-1 Nishi-Shinjuku rates at the Keio Plaza range from 25,000 to 55,000 yen.

Hotel Blan Chapel Christmas, Osaka: An adult’s only Japanese Love hotel that’s themed around Christmas? I don’t know about you but Christmas doesn’t scream sexy to me, more full to the brim and passed out in front of the fire. It’s not on the luxury side but there’s massage chairs, large beds, Jacuzzi baths and sex toy vending machines so it’s not lacking in facilities. Possibly one that you’ll miss off your ‘must stay at’ list and more one for your quirky facts lists for most Westerners. If you do decide to visit you’ll find them at Nishi-ku Hamadera-Ishizucho-Nishi 1-1-3, Sakai (Osaka) 592-8333.

Sukeroku No Yado Sadachiyo, Tokyo: This is one of few ryokans in Tokyo, Ryokans are traditional Japanese Inns and you won’t be disappointed if you want a take of the Japan stereotype with Kimonos and Japanese baths galore. If the hustle and bustle of Tokyo isn’t the image of Japan you were yearning for and you want a touch of the traditional then this is the place for you. You can submerge yourself in the dream image you had of traditional Japan in the comfort of an inn that is highly regarded by its visitors. You’ll find Sukeroku No Yado Sadachiyo  at ryokan111-0032Taito2-20-1 Asakusa.

Henn-na Hotel, Nagasaki: Just, wow, this hotel takes tech to the next level and it has even made it into the Guinness book of records! Its name actually translates as ‘strange hotel’ and you will be greeted by robots! In fact you will find 186 robots staffing the hotel’s 144 rooms. The CEO has said that this hotel is going to evolve as the technology behind robots evolve so its most definitely one to keep your eye on. If you love the concept of the TV drama Humans then there’s no way you will want to miss out on this place. You’ll find this artificial intelligence all ready to attend your accommodation needs at Japan, 〒859-3243 Nagasaki Prefecture, Sasebo, Huis Ten Bosch Machi, 6−5.